Are you a student or teacher? Join the Technovation Girls launch! Find out how girls learn IT leadership skills for free.

Starting from scratch, female students in Romania have the opportunity to learn how to create IT solutions for real community problems, how to develop a business plan, and how to launch an application. All of this is offered for free as part of the international Technovation Girls program. The students participate in the Technovation Girls competition with the project they develop within the program and have the chance to win prizes. 

Continue reading this article to find out where to register and get more details about the program.

What is Technovation Girls?

Technovation Girls provides students aged 8 to 18 with the skills they need to become entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech field. It is a free annual international program. Hundreds of girls from around the world enroll, discover how they can develop real solutions, acquire new knowledge, and make new friends. With the support of volunteer mentors, teachers, and parents, and using the materials provided by Adfaber, the girls learn to develop technological solutions that address and solve real-world problems.

With the support of volunteer mentors, teachers, and parents, using the provided free resources, the girls learn to develop mobile applications that address and solve real-world problems.

The students learn, with the help of free resources, how to develop mobile applications and Artificial Intelligence projects. 

At Technovation Girls, teams of up to 5 girls can participate. Thus, whether they are passionate about communication, design, or technology, they can contribute to the development of their project. With Technovation, they turn their ideas into solutions and can then win substantial prizes for their effort to change the world.

In the program, mentors can also register to provide support to the teams throughout the competition. Mentors can be parents, teachers, or employees in IT fields. Additionally, companies wishing to sponsor the project or to provide direct support to the girls can contact the Adfaber Association, which organizes Technovation Girls in Romania every year.

The 2022-2023 edition of Technovation kicks off with a live event 

Adfaber Association invites all interested parties to attend the Technovation launch as part of an online meeting. During the launch event, the Adfaber team will answer all questions about the program and provide detailed information for the students wishing to enroll in the Technovation Girls competition. 

Registration for the launch event is made on the Adfaber Association's page, here: The event will take place on October 10th, at 6:00 PM.

Do you know students who could benefit from this program? Give them the link so they don't miss the unique opportunity to gain IT leadership skills! 

The Technovation program features 3 divisions for participants:

  • the beginners' division for girls between 8 and 12 years old,
  • the junior division for girls aged 13 to 15 years old,
  • the senior division for girls aged 16 to 18 years old.

What are the topics addressed in the Technovation Girls program?

The students can choose to develop mobile applications that address, at their choice, one of the following topics: 

  • poverty, 
  • environment, 
  • peace, 
  • equality, 
  • education,
  • health.

80% of the students who participate in the Technovation Girls program say they have a lot of confidence in their problem-solving skills;

83% of the team mentors say they are more creative;

90% of parents say that the skills acquired by the students are important.

The Adfaber Association organizes the Technovation Girls competition annually in Romania and encourages young girls to pursue a career in the technology industry. 

The Technovation Girls program is open to all female students aged between 8 and 18 who wish to learn or enhance their IT skills and leadership abilities while developing solutions to real-world problems in their community.

Participants do not need to have prior programming knowledge before signing up. They are provided with a comprehensive plan for project creation and can be guided by mentors, teachers, or parents.

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