Redirect 3.5% of your income tax to Adfaber to bring education closer to technology!

Students need education that's adapted
to the present.

Help thousands of children in Romania gain the knowledge needed for the times we live in!

Schools need technology to prepare students for the future, and at Adfaber, we strive every day to provide them with all the necessary resources. From laptops and tablets to free courses and educational events, schools are equipped with the essentials for today. And you can continue to make this possible, without spending a dime!

You decide where 3.5% of your
annual owed tax goes.

To ensure your money goes where you want it to, fill out Form 230!

You'll know where they're headed, and no one else can decide for you! Choose to donate them to a cause you deem important, one you identify with. Remember, this redirection can truly make a difference! At Adfaber, we believe that education tailored to the times we live in benefits generations and builds a brighter future for everyone.

Contribute to building the future you need.

We've chosen to take action! We've talked with teachers, students, and major companies from around the world, and we've embarked on the journey of education. We want to see positive change for future generations. And if you feel it's time to build the world we want to live in, start with the foundation of everything around us: EDUCATION.

Fill out Form 230 and donate 3.5%, without
spending a dime, to help the children.


We'll send the form for you
  • You don't have to do anything else: we'll send the document you've signed to the ANAF unit you belong to.

Project carried out by students

Arduino Winners

Greenfoot Winners




About our projects in the press

Be Internet Awesome

Be Internet Awesome

Greenfoot Winners

What do you contribute by filling
out Form 230?

The 3.5% you direct to Adfaber turns into access to technology and education.

You provide education

You're preparing entire generations for the future and, in doing so, contributing to many other long-term benefits for the society in which you live. Imagine using an app developed by a child you supported with that 3.5%! 
You're already using it!

You provide safety

You help children and teachers confidently adopt technology and harness all the best it has to offer. Imagine a world where every school offers courses with immediate applicability in the job market and everyday life!
A digital skill can change the lives of children, giving them real opportunities that perhaps their parents never had.

You provide well-being.

Your contribution to the digitization of educational institutions and the education of teachers and children leads to development. Kids who are knowledgeable about online safety, and teachers who use technology in the classroom!
Over 7,000 students from disadvantaged backgrounds are learning programming for free. Thanks to you!

Why support us?

Students create exceptional projects, even starting businesses in high school, and develop unique skills. 
These are unique opportunities that you might not have had, but you'd wish them for your peers!

Learn to code with Alice

Hundreds of students passionate about computer science compete to learn the basics of Java programming in a fun and interactive way.

National Arduino Competition

The competition is held under the "Kids in Tech" project and offers students a unique opportunity to combine their passion for technology with creativity and learning in a fun and interactive manner.

Java Competition - Code in Greenfoot

The Greenfoot competition encourages students each year to discover their passion for programming in an interactive way and, why not, to embark on the path towards a career in the IT field.