Learn to code with Alice 2017

The 3rd edition of the “Learn to Code with Alice” competition has declared its winners

Bucharest, 23rd November 2017 – ADFABER.org organized the 3rd edition of “Learn to Code with Alice” competition that encourages and helps young students from schools and high schools to learn the basics of Java programming. The competition, sponsored by Oracle Academy, had 443 registered teams in the high school section and 197 registered teams in the elementary school section. In the high school section, the following three projects earned awards: “Stranded,” “Contact” and “Triple Challenge.” The elementary school section winners were the projects “Enchanted Dragon,” “Thor and the great theorems” and “Mathematical adventure.” All of the winning projects combined creativity with logical thinking and managed to offer the user a chance to learn by playing.

“After taking part in the “Learn to Code with Alice” competition, we’ve learned more than just programming. Working in a team had showed us how important is to listen to one another and use every team member’s ideas and turn them into an amazing project,.” declared Lavinia Rus, third-place winner in the high school section with her “Triple Challenge” project. The contest was carried out in the framework of Kids in Tech, an educational platform launched by ADFABER, which connects children with international IT companies that can be directly involved in the development of digital competences required in the labor market.

“Oracle Academy is pleased to continue our support of Adfaber.org’s Learn to Code with Alice Competition for the 3rd year running,” said Jane Richardson, Senior Director, Oracle Academy EMEA.  “It is exciting to see the high level of competition entries from students in Romania who have shown how they have developed their Java programming skills using Alice. We congratulate the winning students.” The “Learn to Code with Alice” competition has managed to show students that anyone can learn the basics of computer programming and develop the skills to create their own 3D animations, movies or games using Java programming. Students and teachers from high schools and elementary schools from all over the country had the opportunity to enter the competition with an educational project- a lesson, game or animation, made using the Alice 3 platform. Each project had to contain a presentation and a 1-2 minute animation.

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