The 2nd edition of the “Start coding with Alice” competition has come to an end

The 2nd edition of the “Start coding with Alice” competition has come to an end

Bucharest, 21st November 2016 – ADFABER organization in partnership with Oracle Academy organized the 2nd edition of “Start coding with Alice” competition, that encourages and helps young students from schools and high schools to learn the basics of Java programming. The contest was carried out in the framework of Kids in Tech, an educational platform launched by ADFABER, which connects children with international IT companies that can be directly involved in the development of digital competences required in the labor market. The “Start coding with Alice”  competition has managed to show to the students that anyone can learn the basics of computer programming  in just a few hours, and in a few weeks of study they can create their own 3D animations, movies or games using Java programming. Alice is an innovative 3D programming platform that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. The platform allows the students to learn fundamental concepts of programming such as procedures, algorithms, functions, variables or loops in an interactive way. Alice is used in high schools and universities from all over the world to teach the basics of programming.

„The support from Oracle Academy regarding Kids in Tech project means a step forward the access of Romanian students to digital competences demanded all over the world. We hope that our common effort will show to the children that the basics of computer science can be learned in an interactive way and we want to offer through this collaboration a springboard to a future job in the IT domain”, declared  Alin Chiriac, Founder & CEO ADFABER.

The „Start programming with Alice” contest was addressed to students and teachers from high schools and elementary schools from all over the country. Each participating team had two students and a mentoring teacher. The teams had the opportunity to enter the competition with an educational project- a lesson, game or an animation, made using the Alice 3 platform. Each valid project had to contain a presentation and a 1-2 minutes animation. The competition had 355 registered teams in the high school section and 130 registered teams in the elementary school section. The „Start programming with  Alice” competition has declared its winners on November 15th. The first 3 awards at high school section have been gained by the projects “Treasure Hunt”, “Escape Room” and  “The Towers of Hanoi” and the special awards for the elementary school section were gained by the projects “Colonization of  Mars”, “Impact” and “Mathematical game” – all of them combined creativity with logical thinking and managed to offer the user a chance to learn by playing.

“This contest, certainly, is a good starting point for those who want to build a career in video games, because the Alice platform offers a wide range of objects and characters which the student’s imagination can incorporate in different stories, fantastic worlds or as realistic as possible, which interacts with the player and which teaches him many fascinating things about the world he lives in”, declared Dana Trocaru, coordinating teacher of the “Escape Room” project.

Kids in Tech is an ADFABER project that has the purpose to create  a technology club in every school and high school from Romania. About ADFABER is a nonprofit organization which promotes technology in fields in which it can have a great and positive impact. Education is one of the most important areas in which the organization is involved, along with health and environment. About Oracle Academy As Oracle’s flagship philanthropic educational program, Oracle Academy advances computer science education globally to drive knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields, offering a free and complete portfolio of software, curriculum, hosted technology, faculty trainings, support, and certification resources, supporting more than 3.1 million students annually in 110 countries.

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