Java Competition for Universities – the 2nd edition

ADFABER organized the 2nd edition of “Java Competition for Universities” where passionate students developed Java Applications for Oracle Database

The 2nd edition of the “Java Competition for Universities” organized by ADFABER and sponsored by Oracle Academy announced today it’s medalists. The competition took place during March – May 2017 and it encouraged over 100 students and teachers to develop their own Java applications for Oracle Database – the results were spectacular! “Java Competition for Universities” was launched as an opportunity for every Romanian student who believes that he has the power to make the world a better place through technology. This year’s theme was Smart City – the starting point was spotting a way that technology can make our lives easier and develop a web/mobile application that can transform the city in a smart one using Java and Oracle Database Technologies.

“The future of technology is in the hands of the young generation of professionals! That’s why we wanted to point out that JAVA and Oracle Database knowledge can be used to do good. Through this competition, we’ve encouraged students to show their passion for technology and also give them a chance to test their abilities and knowledge regarding Java programming.” – has declared Alin Chiriac, CEO & Founder ADFABER

Encouraging teachers to participate in this competition as mentors of the team is part of the main objective – deepening knowledge of Java programming through applications based on Oracle Database and give students the opportunity to get involved in creating apps for social purpose.

Personal development of students focusing on presentation skills, synthesis of ideas and teamwork are just a few abilities that are improved during this competition. Also, professional orientation of students – closely correlated with current requirements and labour market’s perspective – is a feature of the competition. Jane Richardson, Senior Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA said “We are pleased to continue to support the Java Competition for Romanian students.  This competition not only lets students showcase their Java programming abilities, it also gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their creative side  by creating web and mobile applications using their Oracle Database skills. Oracle Academy in Romania continues to provide not only the resources for faculty and students to develop their computer science learning at school and university, but competitions like this also provides students with experience in team building and collaboration, skills needed in the workplace of the 21st Century.”

“Java Competition for Universities” had 47 registered teams until April 30th and 27 valid projects. The best 3 projects were awarded with special prizes, and we also gave 3 honorable mentions to the next top 3 projects. The participants are students from all around the country: Bucharest (ASE, Politehnica University), Cluj (UTCN University), Iasi (Gh. Asachi University), Brasov (Transilvania University) and other cities. The teams formed by 2 students and one teacher/ mentor created amazing web and mobile applications using Java and Oracle Database at it’s highest level. They wished to use technology as a help for everyday challenges and managed to develop brilliant Smart City applications. Below you can find some examples: through Smart Parking App (2nd place) you can reserve a parking spot near your destination place; Busity app (3rd place) helps you track the bus you are interested in and helps you manage time efficiently; Event Management System application helps you get in touch with interesting events based on your location and interests; Smart Travel can offer you an option for riding across different cities with a stranger’s car and also provides a list of things you should pack with you. Last, but not the least Steam app helps people see the open locations at a certain time (pharmacy or restaurant).

The best 6 teams had the opportunity to present their projects in front of the jury and were awarded by ADFABER and Oracle Academy during an award ceremony that took place at Oracle headquarter on May 18th. The big winner was MedicalWEB application by DD Team. This application was made by Diana Ovidenie and Pop Daniel – coordinating teacher Dumitrescu Silviu Razvan from Transilvania University, Brasov. This application helps identify the nearest hospitals and facilitates a short answer regarding incidents. Among the map visualization, the application has a statistics part where you can monitorize ambulances, hospitals and incidents. Medical WEB wants to improve the treatment process of ambulance urgency by offering the possibility to identify quickly the vehicles that can respond to the solicitations, and also identify the nearest hospitals.

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