High-School students participated in the first National Java Programming Competition

High-School students participated in the first National Java Programming Competition

The 1st edition of the “Java Competition – Code with Greenfoot for high schools” organized by the ADFABER Organisation and sponsored by Oracle Academy announces today it’s medalists. The competition took place during December – February 2017 and it encouraged and helped young students from high schools to extend their competences in Java object oriented programming using Greenfoot platform, and the results were spectacular. Students all across Romania learned the most used programming language in the world – Java – being able to test and validate their knowledge, but most important to be recognised for their effort in this competition. Greenfoot platform facilitates the professional evolution of students to build more complex projects.

Over 200 teams formed by 2 students and one teacher/ mentor created amazing games and educative stories practising object oriented programming at it’s highest level. Greenfoot is an innovative 2D environment which represents the natural evolution after first exposing students to Java programming with Alice. Students can create “actors”  and “worlds” in order to realize games, simulations and other graphic software programs. The characters are programmed in standard Java code, the interface being simple and easy to use, offering a combination between traditional text based programming experience and visual execution. The contest was carried out in the framework of Kids in Tech, an educational platform launched by ADFABER, which offers tech companies the opportunity to get involved in developing the next generation of talented Romanian programmers, by aligning digital competences to demand in the labor market.

“This was the first Java Competition – Code with Greenfoot organised in Romania and we expected 60 teams. To our surprise we had over 300 teams that sent a project. We are proud of these young students because they show they are really the masters of their own future. We thank them and especially to all their teachers that support their passion for technology.” The 1st edition of the “Java Competition – Code with Greenfoot” was addressed to high school students and teachers from all over the country. Each participating team had two students and a mentoring teacher. The teams had the opportunity to enter the competition with a game or an educational software made using the Greenfoot platform. The competition had over 320 registered teams and the winners were declared on March 2nd 2017.

Find more details and videos on adfaber.org/greenfoot!

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