ADFABER joins the Romanian Olympic team on the IOIT 2017 podium

ADFABER joins the Romanian Olympic team on the IOIT 2017 podium

Between 17th and 20th May 2017, in Bologna at IIS Aldini Valeriani-Sirani took place the first edition of the International Team of Informatics Olympiad (IOIT 2017). The competition participants were the winners of the national finals from Italy, Romania and the Russian Federation, as well as the leadership schools of the national phases – National College of Informatics in Piatra Neamt, Gymnasium 1517 in Moscow and IIS Aldini Valeriani-Sirani in Bologna.

The topics were developed by representatives of the University of Rome and the University of Pisa, members of the national and international committees of the Olympiads of Computer Science. The competition test consisted in solving a number of 7 problems within 4 hours, with a high degree of difficulty. Romania went on the podium twice, the first prize and the gold medals being handed to the members of the Romanian team (students at the National Computer College “Tudor Vianu” Bucharest) by Romano Prodi, the president of the European Commission during 1999-2004.

The principles of organizing and conducting the second edition of the IOIT have also been established following discussions between representatives of ministries, school inspectorates and leadership schools in the three countries. For the next year, the honor of organizing the international finale belongs to the National Informatics College in Piatra-Neamt, supported by ISJ Neamt and the Ministry of National Education. Like this year, the selection of Romania’s participants will be made in the national finals organized in March by the college, within the PROSOFT @ NT Multidisciplinary Contest.

“We have been involved in supporting the National Computer Science Olympics to show gratitude for the effort that teachers and students make. We believe that the Romanians’ approach to technology and programming is a huge potential for Romania, and this potential should be promoted and sustained “ said Alin Chiriac, founder of ADFABER.

“Our objective is to help as many Romanians as possible to learn programming and to get involved in promoting these measures in Romania. Children and young people in Romania have the potential and skills to become true titans in IT and programming, thus accessing the best paid jobs of the 21st century. Only the necessary environment for success has to be facilitated.”, concluded Alin Chiriac.

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