Adfaber wins Google Rise Awards 2016, an organization that aims to create a technology club in every school and high school in Romania, today announced it is among the winners of the Google Rise Awards 2016 for its effort to facilitate young people’s access to technology and information science education.

“With a computer or a tablet, children can control and even change the world. We aim to offer each student the chance to discover their passion for technology and programming through the Kids project in Tech (, said Alin Chiriac, CEO and Founder, Adfaber. The Google Grant helps us speed up the development of the project and reach children who are not normally exposed to such activities. ”

“This joint effort to inspire the next generation of innovators and technology creators will reach tens of thousands of students this year,” said Nicky Rigg, Program Manager, Google RISE Awards. We are pleased to include among the 28 organizations in 16 countries, winning the Google Rise Award 2016. Together, they form a community of passionate educators and advocates. They are the ones who make the change that involves, educates and motivates students through extracurricular activities that promote education in technology and computer science. “

Kids in Tech currently has more than 100 technology clubs across Romania, where students have free access to complementary study resources, closely related to the real needs of the labor market. Students are thus exposed to technology and the opportunities they offer, with the skills they turn from consumers to technology creators.

Adfaber is a non-profit organization that promotes technology in areas where it can have a significant impact on improving people’s lives and society as a whole. With projects in areas such as education, health and the environment, Adfaber reaches every year to hundreds of thousands of Romanians.

About Google Rise Awards:

The Google Rise Awards program is a program to support organizations that promote technology and information science education for students in the pre-university environment. The program focuses on attracting girls, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and minorities who are not normally exposed or encouraged to move to the IT field. Since 2010, the Google RISE Awards program has contributed $ 5.7 million to more than 200 organizations, from 45 countries, to over 1 million students and teachers.

The complete list of Google Rise Awards 2016 is here: