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Woogie, the learning assistant for curious children

We came across Woogie recently and it seems to be a great answer to a common issue that most parents encounter: how can their children learn in a fun way through technology? Because let’s face it: we live in the digital era and if we can’t avoid technology we should make the most of it. So, as we were saying, Woogie, the smart assistant may have the answer to this question as it can make the learning process more enjoyable for kids.

Woogie is an educational robot created to make learning and discovery fun for children. It is a voice-activated device using machine learning algorithms to learn and remember about the child’s interests and preferences and furthermore to deliver relevant content for him.

What can Woogie do?

As a smart personal assistant, Woogie can answer all sort of questions, from encyclopedic to personal or random questions like ”Why is the sky blue?” or ”Why do I have to eat carrots?”.

Besides answering questions, Woogie can also initiate conversations due to its sensors and this way it becomes proactive.  

On top of all that, Woogie says jokes, riddles, and interactive stories. It is equipped with all sort of educational games like quizzes covering multiple areas (from history and science to superheroes). So it’s a wonderful mix of education and entertainment.

The main differentiator for Woogie is that it delivers a unique experience to every child it encounters. How is that possible? By learning about his interests and hobbies after repeated interactions.

Another key differentiator is the proactivity: Woogie can be a great companion and a conversationalist as it doesn’t just answer but it also starts intelligent conversations with the child. For example, Woogie can sense the presence of the child in the room and it initiates a conversation by asking a simple question like ”By the way, tell me a useful thing you learned today at school?” or ”I just found out something new about your favorite band. Do you want to hear it?”

Woogie’s story

The Woogie idea came to life when Bogdan, father of two wonderful children, was facing difficulties in staying in touch with their interests and habits. So, he thought of some kind of an avatar who could serve as a communication enabler between him and his kids. Meanwhile, after one year and a half, this became just one of Woogie’s features which is now a much more complex product meant to offer amazing experiences for children.

Now it’s a robot with an alien shape who wants to befriend children from all over the world and discover together new amazing things every day.

Blending technology with education

So, long story short, Woogie is a mix of technologies with a big focus on education. You may call it an edutainment companion as the educational content is balanced with playful and fun content just to nurture kids’ curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Woogie’s purpose, as its creators say, is to impact children’s education and give a different meaning of learning through technology.

Woogie is now close to its final stage of development and it is live on Indiegogo for pre-orders. Woogie’s creators want to produce the first batch of units with the funds raised through a crowdfunding campaign. Do you want to meet Woogie, too? Go to Indiegogo today and grab it at $79!


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