Adfaber Partners
ADFABER is the single NGO on the local landscape which promotes society’s development and the social change through technology.


We prepare kids and youngsters for the near future, for a computerized world, giving a chance to local intelligence.


We facilitate people’s education for health and patients’ reach for revolutionary treatment by using technology.


national and international projects every year


Romanians benefit of one hour of code every year


students learn coding in over 280 clubs (over 48 cities)


active volunteers all over the country

We enable technology for social change since 2015. 



Technology for women

Technology for kids

The global movement


Coding classes for kids



A national project which helps you stop smoking

The Adfaber patient

Patient empowerment

Find the nearest pharmacy that has your meds


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Be a player, enable technology for social change by helping us to organize our projects. Each little support is huge for us. Thank you!

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We focus on education, health and environment, which we consider quintessential for vigorous communities and useful individuals. ADFABER contributes to the education and specialization of the future generation by being involved in every project that can be a positive answer to the needs of our society.

We are here to change everybody’s life for better, to fasten the latest technologies’ adoption and to prepare the next generations for a continuously- changing world. As a changing vector of the nowadays grassroots societies, ADFABER strives for making our lives better and our world wealthier through the usage of technology at its best. 

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